Friday, May 24, 2013


This morning I ventured out looking for garage sales in our area. Turns out most of them are tomorrow. Oh well. However, I did come across one that was just two houses down from Brad's house that he grew up in. That felt a little strange!

The main reason I am going to garage sales is NOT to buy junk. Nope! I'm looking for more books for my mom to read, since that is mainly what she does. AND I don't want to pay high prices for said books, because why would I?

So, I went to the yard sale, and they had a ton of stuff. It was somewhat organized but I did have to do some digging. At any rate, I found a few books for her, and then some for our grandkids to enjoy when they visit. (because they ALL love books!) (like they visit often, but one can hope, right?) All together I chose somewhere around 8 - 10 books, I don't remember exactly. I went up to the lady and inquired, "How much for these books?" She looked at them, counted them and said, "$10!"

I must have looked surprised, because I certainly was! Usually at a garage sale I will pay up to 50 cents a book. No more. She must have been shocked when the first thing that came out of my mouth, was - "Nope! I'm not paying that much!" Then she said, "How much would you pay?" I replied, "$4.00!" Then she met me with a counter offer - how about $5? I said sure, and then added that I had seen a few other things that I wanted, which she said would be $1.50 each. (there were three of them) I told her I had $9.00 in ones, that I would give her that. She happily accepted it and off I went.

I am grateful that we can barter at places like garage sales, and pay a fair price for things. I'm also grateful for shows that I love watching on TV like, "Market Warriors" and "Flea Market Flip", where they basically teach you how to barter and get good deals. And if you know anything about me, you know that I love a good deal!

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