Thursday, November 15, 2012


One of my best ways of relieving stress is through baking, another one is cleaning. Our house doesn't get that dirty (not like it did when the kids were home, and little) so cleaning therapy isn't an option like it once was. However, I haven't really been baking much. Some time ago I told Rach that when she moved into her own place she could have my stand mixer (which she did in August) and that I'd get a new Kitchenaid mixer for my birthday, which was also in August. Due to circumstances at the time I didn't get a new mixer. (I don't remember why.) So, I've been doing without a stand mixer for several months, and haven't been baking much, at all. Since I enjoy getting bargains I've been doing my research, the mixer I wanted was at least $330. Then a few things happened, a) Craig got Angie one as an early Christmas gift at Costco, b) Costco had them go on sale ($250 - great price), c) Amy was having a difficult time and Angie kindly shared her cookie/therapy with her (which got me to thinking about my stress lately), and d) tomorrow is going to be a rainy stay-at-home kind of day. All of that combined to motivate me to go to Costco today and purchase a brand-spanking new Kitchenaid mixer! Yippeeee! I can hardly wait to use it! I am grateful for baking therapy! It's much less expensive than a therapist, and much more fun!

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