Sunday, November 18, 2012


Pat had to speak in another ward today. His assigned topic was forgiveness. We attended our ward first where our Patriarch spoke (love that man!) and then another High Councilor spoke. When Pat spoke he mentioned our friends whose daughter was hit by a car years ago and killed instantly. The man that hit her had to go to court and was sentenced to several years in prison. Mike went to court, sat with this man's brother to lend his support, having forgiven his brother for killing their daughter. As we have talked since that awful experience they have been an amazing example to both of us in what it takes and means to forgive one who has hurt you so deeply. I have had to do some serious forgiving in my life, but nothing that compares to that. How grateful I am for our greatest example, found in the life of Jesus Christ. How grateful I am that through His Atonement that real, permanent, forgiveness is possible.

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