Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fall Colors

There is nothing quite as remarkable to me as the fall colors that explode in October and November. We now have two maple trees in our backyard and they are a sight to behold! They are sitting right outside our great room so I can partake of their beauty daily!

Yesterday I had to go to Stockton to get cortisone shots (one in each knee). While Stockton is far from my favorite place to be I have to admit that the trees in the Kaiser parking lot were breathtaking! I could have sat there in their presence for hours. However, I had places to go and things to do, so I couldn't.

Fall colors remind me of spending time with our kids, kids-in-law, and grandkids...I have to soak up those moments because they don't last long.

I am grateful for the beauty of the earth, it is truly glorious.

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