Monday, November 19, 2012

Doctors and nurses

Today has been a very long, tiring day. My mom had to go to Kaiser for a pulmonary test, lab work, a chest xray and to pick up her diabetes testing equipment. We were going to also take care of a medical release, but she was so worn out that I just got the paper to fill out at home. (Luckily she was in a wheelchair) After that she wanted me to stop and get her some taco bell. (Which I did) We came home she ate lunch and decided to take a much needed nap. Suddenly I heard her and her walker coming toward our room, which never happens. I knew she couldn't talk well since having the pulmonary test so I got up and went over to her, asking what was wrong. I didn't expect her to say these words, "I think I'm having a heart attack." Talk about turning your life upside down! I quickly called Pat, got my mom in the car and drove the three miles to the hospital. We were in the ER for about six hours, then they finally got her settled into a room. Poor woman was exhausted. So, with a grateful heart to all of those Doctors and Nurses that took care of her, and will tonight and tomorrow, I express my deepest appreciation.

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