Thursday, November 8, 2012

Target's customer service desk

This morning I had several errands to run. First, there was Raley's (even though they are on strike, yes, I went there; I don't care about unions, go figure) Second, I had to go to Target. Before I did I decided I needed to record some VT numbers I had received through an email. As I was putting back the supervisor's record I noticed that there were two supervisor's that didn't have their recording sheet. (they have been either out of town or not at church) So, I decided that I would go and drop them off at their homes. (Why is the song, "Taking care of business" suddenly in my head? Hmmm.)

One of the supervisor's is someone that I visit teach. My visit with her turned into a visiting teaching visit. I was there for at least an hour. I hadn't expected to be gone that long!

I still had my Target run to go on. I hurried over to Target, quickly shopping for the supplies I needed (perhaps a few extras... sales that I couldn't resist). As I was coming closer to the checkout area I noticed there were five or six carts in front of me, with much merchandise being bought. Being on the shorter side I did my best to see if there was a line at the customer service desk. There was not.

I hightailed it over there and the clerk kindly waited on me. I was done in no time at all. (way before the others in front of me!)

Last time I was at Target the same thing was happening. (they really should hire more people) I went over to the customer service desk then as well. The cashier was super nice and friendly, and commented on how she doesn't understand why people don't use them  more often to pay for things. I told her I think it's a well kept secret. And it will continue to be, since not many people read my blog. But you do! So, hey, next time you are at Target and the lines are ridiculously long, go to the customer service desk...they'll check you out, in a good way!

(I am grateful I know about their policy!)

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