Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Life's little miracles

Yesterday when I was out grocery shopping I had this nagging thought to get more milk, but I felt like I had just bought a gallon and it was out in the garage fridge. As I went to get my mom her cereal this morning I found that we were just about out of milk (of course Pat making pudding last night didn't help that! ;) )

As a result I found myself at Raley's, once again, to get a few items - milk being the main one. I went out to my car, loaded the few groceries in, but was rather rushed because a driver was waiting for my spot. (which really amazed me because there was a spot just one car over...I don't get it) So I hurriedly got in, pulled out and went to the ATM in the same shopping area, to deposit some checks for my mom. It was then that I discovered that my prescription sunglasses were no where to be found. I checked, and triple-checked my purse. Nope, not there. I drove back over to Raley's, and parked near my former spot. I looked on the ground in that area, and then in the store. Fortunately I didn't do a lot of shopping and knew the route I had gone. Still, no sunglasses.

I went up to one of the assistant managers and explained to him that I had lost my sunglasses, he went to the cashiers. Finally, at the last cashier, there sat my sunglasses! Unharmed! After thanking them profusely, I went out to the car, and thanked Heavenly Father profusely.

Truthfully, I didn't pray to find them, I figured if I had done all that I could then I would ask for help. It was nice to receive the answer I needed without asking, He is so kind, and so are others. I am grateful for that.

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