Sunday, November 4, 2012


In our ward I serve as the visiting teaching coordinator. That means that I help our Relief Society President figure out who visits whom, get reports on who actually visited whom, and make sure that any 'problems' are reported to our president.

One of the sisters in our ward bore her testimony today. I went up to her to express my appreciation for her words. Before I could say anything she threw her arms around me, and thanked me profusely for assigning her the sisters that she visit teaches. She expressed to me that they are all the same age, and that they have much in common. She also said that finally she loves visiting teaching!

I am so grateful that this sister is gaining a testimony of the importance of the friendships that are formed, and the love that is developed, through visiting teaching. I am also grateful that she is taking it even further, she doesn't just see her sisters once a month, nope, she sees them at least once a week. Now that is enthusiasm!

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