Sunday, November 11, 2012

Holiday Season

Did you realize that Thanksgiving is a mere eleven days away?! ELEVEN DAYS!! Unbelievable! Pat and I have been 'discussing' our menu. Unfortunately it will be only him, me, and my mom here for dinner. Since it's only the three of us we will be keeping it turkey for us! Nope. I am just going to make harvest chicken bake, it's very yummy and Thanksgiving-ish, so it works! (And we won't have a ton of leftovers!) Simplicity will be the word that defines my approach to this year's holiday season, which will make me happy. (Normally I'd begin a new paragraph about now, but I'm on my kindle, so you get what you get.) Back to the holiday season ...I am grateful for this season of gratitude, of kindness, love, giving and reflection. We are all so very blessed, temporally and spiritually. While we will miss Sam, Linzi, Rylee, Sadie, Chloe, Craig, Angie, Lucas, Darci, Amy, Brad, James, Gavin, Jack, and Rachel, we will do our best to find joy in this holiday season.

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