Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Not a happy camper

Tonight the unexpected happened, Obama was reelected as President of the United States. That is all I am going to say about it. I, along with millions of other voters am not happy about it, and that will suffice.

This morning I took my mom to get a pedicure. As we were driving through town she commented on how much she likes Manteca. Then she asked me if I liked it as much as Ripon. I said 'no'. Since she can't hear well I didn't go into detail, like how high the crime rate has become here, or how much I dislike politics in California (even though Ripon is in CA, that doesn't matter...). I just let it go.

Then she proceeded to tell me that she hopes that I appreciate the blessings I have. That we have such a nice home, and we have been blessed far more than she and my dad ever were.

What? Really? Seriously. I kindly explained to her that Pat doesn't make nearly as much money as my dad did. That yes, they had to pay more in taxes, but we really don't make that kind of money. If Pat were making what my dad did (comparatively) in the 70's and 80's he would be making five times more than what we make, at least.

But I couldn't explain that to my mom. All I could say was that we are really careful with our money, and that is why we are comfortable. Then she told me what a blessing it is that we are able to budget so well. (sigh) I explained that I believe it is because we pay tithing that I have been able to learn to budget so well, and that we have been able to distinguish between wants and needs, due to tithing also.

I love my mom. I am grateful that she is happy that we are doing well. I am grateful for the blessings we do have. I just wish, and hoped, that Romney had won... I'd feel a whole lot better tonight if he had.

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